Tasks and Tools

100 Days of Writing

A tool I use to hold myself accountable for writing is to track if I write at least an hour a day over 100 days (not counting weekends, since breaks can be important). I do this by keeping track on a sticker chart (a true developmentalist at heart) and in an SPSS/Excel document. Each hour, I make a goal, block most of the internet, and track my progress. I hope this works as well for you as it does for me!

Writing Template with dates (June-October)

Writing Template without dates

Writing Log (SPSS document)

Writing Log (Excel document)

My Stickers (full disclosure, these were just left over from my dissertation)

Other tasks and tools available by email:

  • A folder of social and emotional development syllabi (including my own) - LINK

  • ERP-friendly AX-CPT for young children and adults

  • ERP-friendly Flanker for young children

  • ERP-friendly Go/Nogo for young children

  • Code to remove infant naps from LENA data

  • Video to keep infants entertained while collecting baseline EEG

  • Protocols on how to collect baseline EEG from infants using mobile EEG

Helpful tools that I use or intend to use (NOT made by me, not responsible for content):