Publications & CV

Sonya V. Troller-Renfree, PhD

Teachers College at Columbia University, Department of Biobehavioral Sciences, 525 West 120th St., New York, NY, 10023 ||

Academic Background

Goldberg Post-doctoral Fellow

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New YorkAdvisor: Kimberly G. Noble2018-pres


Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 2018.Advisor: Nathan A. FoxDissertation: The development of cognitive control during childhood: A neurocognitive perspective.2012-2018

Post-baccalaureate Research Assistant

Children’s Hospital Boston, Boston, MassachusettsAdvisor: Charles A. Nelson2010-2012

B.A. With Honors in Psychology

The University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 2010Advisor: Seth D. PollakThesis: Untangling the effects of biological father absence on adolescent development2006-2010


Manuscripts Under Review

  1. Troller-Renfree, S.V., Costanzo, M.A., Duncan, G.J., Magnuson, K., Gennetian, L.A., Yoshikawa, H., Halpern-Meekin, S., Fox, N.A., and Noble, K.G. (under review). The impact of a poverty reduction intervention on infant brain activity.

  2. Finkel, M.A.,Troller-Renfree, S.V., & Noble K.G. (under review). Co-Rooming Accounts for Socioeconomic Disparities in Infant Sleep Quality among Urban Families.

  3. Valadez, E.A., Morales, S., Buzzell, G.A., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Henderson, H.A., Chronis-Tuscano, A., Pine, D.S., & Fox, N.A. (under review). Development of Proactive Control and Anxiety among Behaviorally Inhibited Adolescents.

Peer-Reviewed Articles in Refereed Journals

Electronic copies of these publications are available for individual, non-commercial use only

  1. Wiltshire C.A., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Giebler, M.E., & Noble, K.G. (2021). Associations among average parental educational attainment, maternal stress, and infant screen exposure at 6 months of age. Infant Behavior and Development, 65. doi: 10.1016/j.infbeh.2021.101644 - Journal Link

  2. Troller-Renfree, S.V., Morales, S., Leach, S.C., Bowers, M.E., Debnath, R., Fifer, W.P., Fox, N.A., & Noble, K.G. (2021). Feasibility of Assessing Brain Activity using Mobile, In-home Collection of Electroencephalography: Methods and Analysis. Developmental Psychobiology, 1-11. doi: 10.1002/dev.22128 - Preprint | Journal Link

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  4. Valadez, E.A., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Buzzell, G.A., Henderson, H.A., Chronis-Tuscano, A., Pine, D.S., & Fox, N.A. (2021). Behavioral Inhibition and Dual Mechanisms of Anxiety Risk: Disentangling Neural Correlates of Proactive and Reactive Control. JCPP Advances, 1(2). doi: 10.1002/jcv2.12022. Preprint | Journal Link

  5. Filippi, C., Subar, A., Ravi, S., Haas, S., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Fox, N.A., Leibenluft, E., & Pine, D.S. (2021). Developmental changes in the association between cognitive control and anxiety. Child Psychiatry & Human Development. doi: 10.1007/s10578-021-01150-5 - Journal Link

  6. Barker, T.V., Buzzell, G.A., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Bowman, L.C., Pine, D.S., & Fox, N.A. (2021). The Influence of Social Motivation on Neural Correlates of Cognitive Control in Girls. Developmental Psychobiology. doi: 10.1002/dev.22086 - Journal Link

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  8. Finkel, M.A.,Troller-Renfree. S.V., & Noble K.G. (2020). Higher utilization of social services is associated with higher language scores in children from deeply impoverished families. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 8607. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17228607. - Journal Link

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  10. Brito, N.H., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Isler, J., Fifer, W.P., & Noble, K.G. (in press). Associations between the home linguistic environment and neural activity during infancy are impacted by household chaos. doi: 10.1016/j.dcn.2020.100780. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. -Journal Link

  11. Troller-Renfree, S.V., Buzzell, G.A., & Fox, N.A. (2020). Changes in working memory facilitate the transition from reactive to proactive cognitive control during childhood. Developmental Science, 00:e12959. doi: /10.1111/desc.12959. - Link to Preprint | Journal Link

  12. Buzzell, G., Troller-Renfree, S.V., Wade, M., Debnath, R., Morales, S., Zeanah, C.H., Nelson, C.A., & Fox, N.A. (2020). Mediofrontal theta oscillations are disrupted by neglect and confer transdiagnostic risk for psychopathology. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 43, 100777-100777. doi: 10.1016/j.dcn.2020.100777. - Journal Link

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Book Chapters

  1. Buzzell, G., Troller-Renfree, S., Morales, S. M., & Fox, N.A. (2018). Relations between Behavioral Inhibition, Cognitive Control, and Anxiety: Novel Insights Provided by Parsing Subdomains of Cognitive Control. In N. Fox & K. Perez-Edgar (Eds.), Behavioral Inhibition: Integrating Theory, Research, and Clinical Perspectives. New York, NY: Springer.

  2. Troller-Renfree, S. & Fox, N.A. (2016). Sensitive Periods of Development: Implications for Risk and Resilience. In J. Luby (Ed.), Handbook of Preschool Mental Health (pp. 1-25). New York, NY: The Guilford Press.



  1. National Institute of Child Development (NICHD): K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award (amount $1,022,893). Principal Investigator – Troller-Renfree; Primary Mentor: Kimberly G. Noble, Mentor: William Fifer; Collaborators: Jerrold Meyer, Catherine Monk, Charles Nelson, Stephanie Rowley, & Nim Tottenham. Impact Score: 18

  2. 1R01HD087384 (NICHD): Household Income and Child Development in the First Three Years of Life. Role: Co-Investigator ( PIs: Duncan, Magnuson, Noble)


HBCD Application PI: Deoni Proposed: 09/01/21 - 08/31/26

Assessing the Cumulative Impact of Early Life: Substance and Environment Exposure on Child Neurodevelopment and Health
Role: Co-Investigator


  1. National Science Foundation: Graduate Research Fellowship (amount $105,000), DGE1322106. Fellow – Troller-Renfree, 05/13-04/18.

  2. Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) SECC Dissertation Funding Award (amount $2000). Principal Investigator – Troller-Renfree, 9/2017-5/2018.

  3. Support Program for Advancing Research and Collaboration (SPARC) Grant (amount $1000). Principal Investigator – Troller-Renfree, 01/17-12/17.

  4. National Institute of Mental Health: Early Experience, Stress and Neurobehavioral Development Center SEED Grant (amount $20,000). Principal Investigator – Troller-Renfree, Co-I Roos, 01/13-01/14.

Honors and Awards

2020 Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellowship, Teachers College, Columbia University

2013-2018 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)

2017 Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) SECC Dissertation Funding Award

2017 Charles Beaumont Dissertation Award in Human Development

2013, 2015, 2017 Society for Research in Child Development Student Travel Award

2016 Support Program for Advancing Research and Collaboration (SPARC) Grant

2015 National Science Foundation Trainee (NSF Grant 1439258, PI: Megan Gunnar)

2015 International Society for Developmental Psychobiology Travel Award

2013 National Institute of Mental Health Interdisciplinary Behavioral Science Center Travel Grant

2012 NIMH Center on Early Experience Stress and Neurobehavioral Development SEED Grant

2012-2014 Early Experience, Stress and Neurobehavioral Development Center Trainee

2012-2014 NICHD Social Development Trainee (Grant T32HD007542)

2009 University of Wisconsin Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship

2009 College of Letters and Science Senior Honors Thesis Research Grant

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